Volunteer with PATS



All U.S based PATS workers are volunteers and we are always looking for new talents and people who are interested in helping. 

In particular, we are looking for anyone with the following talents and skills:

  • bilingual in Chinese and English
  • graphic design 
  • HIV/AIDS research experience
  • grant writing experience
  • web design
  • fundraising enthusiasm!
  • accounting or legal services

In addition, we are always looking for help to host drives to collect hygiene kits, gently worn clothes, and toys. Contact us if you are interested in hosting one. 

We are looking to expand our network to high schools and universities in New York, Boston and a city near you. Please feel free to email us if you would like to help out.  


Here are some of the things our volunteers have said about their experiences - 

"The most remarkable thing was how much these children are a resilient affirmation of life, and how much they can help themselves with anything we can give. " - Eleni

"[a visit to a PATS child's house] made it clear to me how much a team of health workers have to not only be competent but also sensitive, committed, and creative in responding to the many details in caring for vulnerable children. I was not only able to get my interview with Ling and to learn a few Chinese folk songs, but I was also reminded it will take many clear voices, singing together to make a change." - Lily

"We are all part of a community which believes that children living with HIV have the right to receive the treatment they need and deserve. As a community health program, PATS depends on the support of a whole community of people. I hope that, just as it has done for me, being connected to this network gives people meaning and sense of purpose." - Marianna

"I support PATS foremost because it works.  As an economist, I want my charitable gifts to deliver measurable results and impact, not just a warm feeling.  But secondly, I support PATS because working with Eliza and all of the other volunteers has brought tremendous joy and meaning to my life.  They challenge and inspire me every day to devote more of myself toward the benefit of society." - Jialan