As a PATS Kid's Sponsor


"The four of us friends have known each other since our freshman year in high school. These past ten years have brought us many joys, but deciding to participate in a joint PATS sponsorship has been one of the most rewarding things we have ever done together. As old friends, it was understood between us that material goods were not necessary for birthday presents. This search for a more meaningful gift for each other was what brought us to PATS. Despite the fact that we were all in the throws of post-college penny-pinching, we realized that we could easily split a PATS sponsorship into quarters and each quarter of support could serve as a birthday gift for one of us. For the price of a nice meal in New York City just three times a year, we were able to provide medical care and nutritional support for a child with HIV for an entire year. While it was not too daunting for us to give in this way, we know that it has meant the world to Yu Juan. Since last year, we have watched Yu Juan grow and progress through the lovingly detailed emails and photos that Eliza sends us each time she travels to China. An especially memorable experience has been the four of us coming together to write to Yu Juan and choose out gifts for her birthday and Christmas, knowing that they would be personally handed to her by Eliza. To be able to follow the life of our little girl and know that she is doing well has been priceless. It has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience for all of us, and we look forward to continuing to watch and care for Yu Juan by supporting PATS for as long as possible."

                                  - A group of four inspirational young women (Joana, Wendy, Irene, and Fiona)