Sponsor a Child

Meet some of the PATS kids!

With your commitment to sponsorship of a child for one year, PATS can ensure:

  • Regular health checks by community health workers
  • Adherence to drug treatment regimes
  • Access and transportation to physicians if problems arise
  • Nutritional supplements, critical for treatment effectiveness

It costs roughly $880 to provide for the needs of one child each year. To accommodate sponsors with different financial considerations, PATS offers sponsorship at two levels:


  • Covers basic needs to give child a solid foundation
  • $440 once per year OR $110 quarterly


  • Covers the entire cost of the sponsorship
  • $880 once per year OR $220 quarterly

Once enrolled you will receive a photo of your sponsored child and updates approximately twice a year.

To enroll, email us at sponsor@patskids.org. Or send a check with a note requesting a child for sponsorship, level of sponsorship (”Needs” or “Growth”), and donation of the 1st quarterly or single year payment.

Your Sponsor A Child check can be mailed to:

PO Box 381740
Cambridge, MA 02238-1740

All checks should be made out to "PATS", and will qualify as a tax-deductible donation.

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