Access to Medication


First line pediatric anti-retroviral (ARV) formulations are provided to all PATS children who need them. The ARVs are channeled through the Chinese government from the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, China, and they are prescribed and dispensed through local doctors trained in HIV/AIDS treatment. For children who have developed treatment resistance and do not respond to these first line ARVs, 2nd line drugs are required. Most of these drugs are either unavailable in China or are prohibitively expensive, which means the child will die if an alternative source for these drugs is not found. Through our partner AID for AIDS, some needed 2nd line drugs are generously donated to PATS children who require them. PATS health workers correspond regularly with Dr. Kay Johnson, the PATS ARV Procurement Coordinator, to ensure that all drugs are re-ordered on time and in the correct dosages. This is a critical part of the program and of the CHW's job: if they forget to re-order the drugs on time, a child will be without any medication and will be at risk of death.