Caretaker & Child Education


CHWs spend a significant amount of time during their household visits talking with the child's caretaker. They find out how the child has been doing, ask the caretaker if he or she has any concerns, review blood safety measures, and provide caretakers with regular adherence education, discussing why it is important that the child take the drug exactly according to schedule.

The CHW will also work with the older children to ensure that they understand how to properly take the drugs. Amazingly, even some of the younger children can tell you exactly which pills they take, the dose and the time. Helping children to play an active role in their own treatment is critical to ensuring adherence. Should these children not adhere to treatment on the first line ARVs and develop treatment resistance, these drugs will no longer work and they will require 2nd line drugs. These drugs can cost up to ten times the price of first line drugs and are largely unavailable in China. The risk of defaulting on first line drugs is very real, making treatment adherence literally a matter of life or death.