Medical Support


Community Health Workers (CHWs) perform a number of tasks to provide proper treatment monitoring and tracking of the child’s health. During their regular visits with the child, the CHW will take the child’s temperature, check for rashes, ask the child or caretaker about diarrhea, coughs, appetite, and mood. Any irregularities are immediately reported to the child’s doctor, who is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CHWs also take the child's height and weight regularly to ensure that the current dose of medication is enough to keep them healthy; any increase in weight signals a possible increase in dosage needed. CHWs play a critical role in ensuring drug adherence, counting pills during each visit (to be sure there were no missed doses) and providing support. They also maintain phone contact and monthly meetings with the child’s doctors, and receive refresher trainings on relevant topics.