Staff & Volunteers

PATS Leadership

All US operations are currently run entirely on a voluntary basis. All paid staff are based in China, and work directly with the children through the AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS).


Zhang Ying, PATS Senior Advisor, Anhui China
Executive Director and Founder of Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS)


Eliza Petrow, PATS Founder and Executive Director
Director of International Programs: JC Flowers Foundation, NY


Dr. Kay Johnson, PATS Co-Founder and ARV Procurement Coordinator
Professor, Politics & Asian Studies, Hampshire College


Dr. Wang Liyao, PATS Senior Research Advisor, Anhui, China
Anhui Academy of Social Sciences, Anhui, China


Annie Ren, PATS Assistant Director
TA-DFID Global Fund for TB, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Constella Futures Group, Beijing


Cherry Wan, Ph.D, PATS Assistant Director
Scientist, Smith and Nephew

PATS Board Members                                                                [back to top]

Dr. Joan Kauffman
Professor at Brandeis University

Dr. Jessica Heberer
Professor at Harvard Initiative of Global Health


Dr. Jialan Wang
Professor of Finance in Washington University, St. Louis


Eliza Petrow
Program Director, Izumi Foundation, Boston

China Staff                                                                                  [back to top]

Yuan Dr. Yuan Ziqing, PATS Supervising Doctor
No. 2 Hospital, Fuyang, Anhui
Zhang Dr. Zhang Hainan, PATS Supervising Doctor
Yinzhou District, Wangdian Central Hospital, Anhui
Li Chao
Lead Community Health Worker, Anhui & Henan Provinces
ZhangLiMin Zhang Li Min
Community Health Worker, Henan Province
YuMingYue Yu Ming Yue
Community Health Worker, Anhui Province
Huang Jin Hong
Community Health Worker, Anhui Province

Ren NanNan
Community Health Worker, Anhui Province

Ding Kai Ming
Community Health Worker, Anhui Province

Zhu Xuan
Community Health Worker, Anhui Province

U.S. Volunteers                                                                        [back to top]

Over the past years, PATS has been blessed with waves of passionate volunteers. Here are an abbreviated list of dedicated volunteers that has helped PATS thrive and grow.

If you are interested in volunteering, find out more information here

Kali Kali Drake, Officer, Operations and Logistics
Program Coordinator for PPH, HIV, mHealth, AYSRH, MARPs, Pathfinder International
Alisha Fuller, Coordinator, Fundraising Boston
KristinJ Kristin Johnson, Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation
John Snow Inc.
IPei I-Pei Lin, Director of Sponsor a Child Program
Project Manager
KristinM Kristin Moss, Coordinator, Monitoring and Evaluation
Clinical Research Assistant, Partners AIDS Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital

Yuan Chen, Volunteer
Freshman, Boston University

Camellia Banerjee
MD/Ph.D Candidate, Boston University
Marianna Marianna Tu, New York Projects Coordinator
Associate Director, Changing our World
New York
Helen Zhai, Webmaster New York
Lily Huang Boston/Beijing
Anusha Yalamanchili, fundraising and event organization
Energy New England
Meagan Livergood, Coordinator for Sponsor a Child Boston
Li Tan Boston
Jennifer Grant, Volunteeer
John Snow Inc.
Allison Power, Volunteeer
John Snow Inc.

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