Partnership with AOS

PATS is funded through the generous support of over 200 US based donors including individuals, religious communities, NGOs, private companies and foundations. All PATS US staff are volunteers and dedicate hundreds of hours of time holding fundraisers, educating groups about our work, and providing technical support to the project. In addition, PATS has many project partners:

The Fuyang AIDS Orphan Salvation Association (AOS) is a non-governmental organization in central China that serves over 600 rural children in Anhui and Henan, two provinces affected by HIV blood plasma donor contamination. Those supported by AOS include families where one or both parents have HIV/AIDS, where one or both parents have died of AIDS, or where the child is HIV positive. AOS helps to place the child in foster care where necessary, and provides critical material, financial, nutritional, educational and psychosocial support. PATS provides access to medications, community health worker support, and financial support for AOS.

For more information about AOS, please visit their website at

PATS Partners

Aid for AIDS
Aid for AIDS donates many critically needed second line ARV medications to PATS children who are in drug resistance and are not responding to first line drugs.

Alliance for Children Foundation
The Alliance for Children Foundation manages all of the PATS donations and provides tax deductions to PATS donors. They also provide PATS with a Beijing-based accountant who is in charge of monitoring all project spending.

Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, China
In partnership with the Chinese Ministry of Health, CHAI provides the majority of the ARV medications used by PATS kids. They also provide training for several of the PATS doctors and technical support as needed.

Fuyang CDC, Anhui, China
The Fuyang CDC provides AOS and PATS with access to HIV/AIDS doctors and other support as needed.

Harvard China Care
Harvard China Care provides financial and fundraising support to PATS as well as undergraduate student volunteers who are part of the core PATS volunteer team in the US.

Medical Care Development International
DC-based MCDI provided the first year of pilot funding as well as technical support for the launch of PATS in June, 2007.